I was a little child when my father gave me his Kodak Retinette, my first camera. It looks a bit like a rangefinder camera, but in reality it is a range-guesser camera. There is no possibility to measure distances. You have to estimate the distance to the subject. The camera also does not have a built-in light meter. Luckily I wasn't completely dependent on the sunny-16 rule. I got a simple, inaccurate Seconic light meter with it. But I was so happy with my slightly out-of-focus and slightly under- or over-exposed photos. It was as if I had captured something from the real world into my Kodak.
During my puberty I started to develop an interest in female beauty. I collected images of beautiful women from advertising and fashion magazines and pasted the pieces on one side of my wardrobe. Over time I built up a collage of beautiful images of beautiful women. A jealous girlfriend made sure that this collage disappeared permanently. But my fascination for women and beautiful images has always remained.
No wonder I started photographing women. Regularly in my life I came across a woman that I fell "photographically in love" with. That's not to say I'd want her in my private life; But that I want to capture her appearance as a personal piece of collage.
At the beginning of 2008 I decided to turn my passion into my work. Since then I have been working as a full-time photographer for both individuals and (large) companies. My personal work also continues to play an important role in my photography. I regularly collaborate with other creatives. For bigger assignments I sometimes participate in the creative team. This is where my marketing and advertising background comes in handy. I don't take every assignment. This selective attitude ensures that I keep my passion in photography and that I can give 100% with every assignment.
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